Payment Methods: We accept most major credit cards

Do you store my Bank Account information? NO! Your Bank Account information is used only during the checkout process. Once the order is submitted your transaction is safely processed in a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This creates a secure connection between our server and the processors server using a cryptographic system to encrypt the data. Once the transaction is completed, the account number information is not stored on our servers and cannot be charged again, unless you, yourself make another purchase.

Do you accept PayPal? No – We cannot accept PayPal payments due to their rules against selling Glass Pipes.

Can I pay using a Money Order, Check, Wire Transfer? No – We are not set up for Money Order and we will not be pursuing this option at the moment.

Signature Requirements: We reserves the right to add an adult signature requirement to any order at our discretion for security reasons.

Failed or Declined Payments: Please do not panic; these are temporary authorizations, they will not post. If you tried to make a payment to us and received a message that the payment failed but you still see a charge on your account from us, it means that the banking system has put a temporary hold on the funds. The failed payment is a pending transaction that will never go through.

Most holds in the USA will drop off in about 2 to 3 business days, but sometimes it takes longer.

The most common reasons that you will receive a payment failed message are:

1.  Your billing address and/or zip code does not match what is on file with your financial institution.
2.  Your account number is incorrect.
3.  Your transaction was declined by your financial institution.

If you tried to pay multiple times and received the message that the payment failed multiple times, you may see multiple holds on your funds.  These charges are all pending, and will not go through. The transactions may show up as pending transactions on your credit card or bank statement until and your financial institution release the holds on the amounts.

We Aggressively Prosecute Fraud: Online fraud has increased over the past several years. Luckily our local police force includes smart, dedicated, hard-working detectives that work with us and other law enforcement organizations to aggressively prosecute fraud.  The local detectives work with law enforcement agencies anywhere in the world to bring criminals to justice. If the authorities or internet service provider at the destination do not cooperate, our local detectives will contact the next higher level of law enforcement to gain cooperation or they will subpoena records themselves. Social media and other organizations have also been utilized to help identify suspects. It’s amazing what thousands of eyes and ears can discover. If necessary, we have agreed to travel anywhere in the world, at our expense, to testify against criminals, regardless of the amount of loss.

Secure Shopping Guarantee: We understand your concerns about the security of your personal and credit card information on the Web, which is why we guarantee your security 100% SSL Secured.

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