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Innovators of the Original Vapor Stone, designed for the efficient and convenient vaporization of concentrates. Makes vaporizing concentrates as easy as using a traditional bowl slide.

No need for large torches and preheating anything. Minimal time needed to vaporize the Healthstone, in comparison to other products designed for concentrate vaporization. The Original Vapor Stone is the only stone completely engineered for this purpose, made with the satisfaction of the user in mind.

Easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Do not settle for inferior alternatives!

A Healthstone Glass comes in the form of pipe, water pipe and water pipe attachment. They each feature our specifically formulated ceramic “Vapor Stone”, which vaporizes concentrate by drawing in hot air from a torch, and through an inert ceramic matrix. To load, you simply drop your concentrate on top of the stone by using any tool of choice. To start vaping, hold a triple flame torch lighter at a distance of 1-2 inches from the stone. The concentrate will then be melted into, and vaporized, inside the stone. You inhale all the vapor that is produced and can easily repeat the steps above to create the best vapor experience.

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