Founded in 2010, Health Stone Glass is a California-based company that produces glass hand pipes designed concentrates. That being said, we are best known for our Health Stone Vapor Stone technology that was designed for the convenient and efficient vaporization of essential oils. 100% of our Health Stone’s products are manufactured in the United States, including the purchase of their raw material. We have strict quality control measures and strive to continuously produce the highest quality products possible. We are grateful to our beloved customers and we respect and value all the people driving our continued growth.

What is a Health Stone?

A Health Stone is made from 100% inert highest quality ceramic material. It is porous and resembles a pumice stone. This porousness is what gives the Health Stone its’ unique twist on dabbing, as well as provides a filtration effect of sorts on the smoke. It is a 100% inert material, meaning it will not produce any harmful vapors or chemicals when heated.